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LifeConnect is a blood bank management system, a software application that is designed to store, process, retrieve and analyze the information in an organized manner. It is a very helpful tool for administrative tasks and inventory management within the blood bank. This software will be a move towards a paperless office. It helps you to avail and realize the power of cloud-based services. LifeConnect is in compliances with SBTC, FDA and NABH.

Modular approach

We have designed modules with the objective of

  • TechTrail   Reaching out and connecting with new donors.
  • TechTrail  Create awareness of blood donation.
  • TechTrail   Build healthy donor community.
  • TechTrail   Reach maximum donors at the minimum time in times of any disaster.

Challenges Faced By Blood Banks

  • TechTrail   Blood component prices controlled by government agencies
  • TechTrail  Lack of infrastructure
  • TechTrail  manual record keeping
  • TechTrail  Restrict rules and periodic inspections by FDA
  • TechTrail  Non-computer savvy staff
  • TechTrail  Cost sensitive entities
  • TechTrail  Technical staff spends more than 50% of their time in paperworks and documentation

Features of LifeConnect

  • TechTrail  Covers all the operational needs of blood bank
  • TechTrail  Helps blood bank to keep the donors engaged
  • TechTrail  Simplified user interface
  • TechTrail  Reduces human errors
  • TechTrail  Brings transparency in operations
  • TechTrail  The blood stock number can be available online
  • TechTrail  Reduces administrative paperwork
  • TechTrail  Helps to improve the efficiency of blood bank
  • TechTrail  Advance data analytics for better predictions and finding usage patterns